A healthy mouth is a healthy life, and that's why we place such a strong emphasis on regular check-ups and cleans. We provide gum assessments, removal of plaque, tartar and stains, teeth polishing and treatments to prevent tooth decay.
Professional scaling and polishing is the most essential and foremost step in preventing any tooth problems. This procedure removes the hard material that can build up under your gums and between your teeth that brushing can never remove. If this build up is not removed it can lead to gum diseases and in turn to periodontal disease. Gum disease leads to tooth loss and of course bad breath.
You must brush and floss regularly after every meal and at a minimum twice a day. Not only it should be done regularly but needs to be done efficiently. Its best to get your teeth checked and professionally cleaned every 6 months, because prevention is always better than cure!

FlossingFlossing :: The floss is wrapped around both of your index fingers and pushed between each of your teeth. Move the floss freely upwards, downwards and sideways to remove any food particles or plaque lodged between your teeth or under the gums.

BrushingCorrect :: tooth brushing technique is very important. Whether you use electric or a manual toothbrush, you should hold the brush at 45 Degree angle. Always a soft toothbrush is to be used for brushing. The electric toothbrushes only come with a soft head. Your tongue can also be cleaned with your toothbrush, which will help reduce bad breath.
Only a fluoridated toothpaste is to be used, as it makes your teeth stronger and protect against the cavities.Fluoridated toothpaste is specially formulated for adult use only and kids under 6yrs of age should not use an adult toothpaste